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What’s up in India today 2014-08-03

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A true whizzkid! *Insanely talented* 6-YEAR-OLD LIMBO SKATER’, ‘


Keep rollin’ rollin’ rollin’… Watch this incredible 6-year-old limbo skater, Gagan Satish from Bangalore, India, whizz under a record-breaking 39 cars!
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It happen only in India…….

Cheer For India’, ‘


I often wonder what must go through the minds of our sportspeople. What would our discus throwers be thinking when they see the fan following and the adulation that discus throwers get in other countries? What would our shooters be thinking when they see the super-expensive and advanced shooting gear and training facilities that shooters from other countries have access to? What must our judokas be thinking when they see judokas from other countries being trained by the best in the world. I don’t know. But I know one thing for sure. That their hearts must fill with pride and joy, when they win against their competitors who had access to so much more. Our athletes train under the harshest conditions with minimal gear. They don’t have access to the super expensive and advanced training that dedicated sports science personnel deliver in foreign countries. Yet, they put in hundreds and hundreds of hours of sweat and blood into their training. Knowing that most Indians will never know who they are. Knowing fully well that they will never become superstars in their own land. Yet they lift that extra kilo, shoot that extra round, run that extra mile and jump that extra inch high. Just to hear Jana Gana Mana fill the stadia…as the Tricolour flies proudly above all others at the medals award ceremony. Proud of you, Indian Athletes. The Logical Indians bow our heads in respect.
Let us all pledge to always support our sportspeople. Lets take an active effort to understand and follow different sports. Source: #CWG2014 #Glasgow2014

This is how India Inspires the world…!!!!!!!!’, ‘


This is how India Inspires the world…!!!!!!!! super video

Conjoined Sisters Find Love With The Same Man’, ‘


CONJOINED twins Ganga and Jamuna Mondal have finally found love – with the SAME man. The 45-year-olds who are known as the Spider Sisters have been single all their lives and suffered years of rejection because of their unusual appearance. But now they say they are happier than ever – after a chance encounter with kind-hearted Jasimuddin Ahmad. The twins, who share a stomach but have separate hearts, kidneys and livers, were born to an impoverished family near Kolkata, West Bengal. Their parents were unable to pay for medical attention and deserted them when they reached their teens, fearing they were a sign of God’s fury.
#Twins #ConjoinedTwins #Love #TwinsFindLove #India #BarcroftTV #VideoOfTheDay Want more incredible stories from India? Check out our YouTube playlist:





Texas Border Rancher Makes Frightening Discovery; Claims Proof That 9-11 is About to Happen Again [VIDEO]Posted on 18 July, 2014 by clydet abook-3 Mike Vickers owns a sleepy little 1,000 acre ranch that borders the U.S.-Mexico border. Vickers says that a minimum of 30 illegal immigrants cross his ranch, each and every day. The problem is that the Border Patrol station is just over five miles away and getting help to the ranch is time is just useless most days. Vickers recently found something on his ranch that one of the illegal-aliens dropped, and that single find has Vickers, the local community and the entire Border Patrol in alarm. n May, Vickers discovered a dictionary on his property, but this is no ordinary dictionary on English dialect. The book is Urdu-to-English, something that many American’s are unfamiliar with and are soon about to be as disturbed as the local political arena in and around the country. Urdu is the National language of Pakistan. The language is in fact spoken in many parts of Afghanistan and India. The discovery of the book on the ranch brings to question

How they wake up train passengers in India’, ‘


How they wake up train passengers in India#train #passengers #india #BVC


Please spread this all over India. Rapeoccur every hour a day in India. And nothing is done about it. Help the women know better about defending themselves. It might avoid the trauma in their lives.


In india if u speak in tamil nobody will listen & respect in parliment but see in canada how they respect tamil….

Air India Limited notifies recruitment at 225 posts : Government Jobs

Air India Limited, Government of India has invited applications for recruitment at various ‘cabin crew’ posts.




RT @narendramodi: Looking forward to visiting Nepal. Nepal & India are time-tested friends & our two nations share a common culture & herit…


RT @narendramodi: I hope to have fruitful discussions with leaders & lawmakers of Nepal that will take India-Nepal relations to even greate…


RT @taran_adarsh: #Kick continues to gallop speedily. [Week 2] Fri 9.22 cr. Grand total: ₹ 173.31 cr nett. India biz. BLOCKBUSTER!


RT @TheGoogleFactz: This is what a Gulabi Gang looks like – a gang of women in India who track down & beat abusive husbands with brooms. ht…

RT @G_Rajaraman: Seven women are among India’s 14 gold medallists at #Glasgow2014. In fact, women have contributed half of India’s 55 medal…




RT @Narendramodi_G: #IslamicTerrorism is the 2nd largest trend on Twitter India for a reason! The people are fed up of pseudo-secularism! E…


RT @spandey2004: on frienship day i also wish tht v all #AAPians bury our differences whtvr dat may b & unite again 2 wrk for dream india..…


RT @vikramchandra: India will be in at least 7 finals over the next two days! Hope it’s a golden and not a silver streak. #CWG2014


@majp523 yes, those flights kinda suck since so many go on to India. More like flying mumbai express. but at least they don’t smell…lolol


RT @SpearheadBeer: @CotRPodcast @LooseMooseTO on Front is pouring India White Ale right now! Cheers!




Tips for solo female travellers in India | Home | Intrepid Travel Blog

The reality for solo female travellers is India can be challenging, but don’t let that put you off experiencing this incredible country.

Good morning from India :-)

03/08/2014 – 1

How the Ebola Outbreak Became Deadliest in History


Sandeep Bamzai on why WTO veto is a must for India : Sandeep Bamzai, News – India Today


Moto G helps Motorola pip Nokia in India, becomes fourth largest smartphone seller – The Times of India




To fight unemployment, India to plant 2 billion trees
| MNN – Mother Nature Network


With Indian secret gem dumps India can easily purchase 100 United States of Americas . My Gem and Diamond Dump Investigation up to this time A) A major dump Investigation at some X-place of Tamilanadu State of India of 1500 BC of around USD 50 trillion (cost according my study in the year 1995-98) but it is right now cost of USD 150 trillion. B) Two major dump Investigations at some X-places of Karnataka State of India of USD250 trillion one 1500 AD another USD 75 trillion of 1000 BC. C) Investigation of Nidadavole gem dump of USD 1.5 trillion Total 33 years taken to find out Nidadavole Gem dumps(Non diamond )very slow because it is not our own, my father was busy on his own diamond dump of Madhavaram, my father started work on Nidadavole Gem dump(Non diamond ) this work started at around 1981(25/July/1981 night 1000 my father started work on Nidadavole Gem dump (Non diamond)) My father has taking my help for doing physical and field checks instead of going himself in to field because he was well known person as Pogaku Inspector ,if he go to field lot of doubts arise . We were at Nidadavole from 1981-1990. Why my father has take my help even though I am small kid because he was not having faith on my brother.
D)Our own Madhavaram(west Godavari District ,AP State) Diamond Dump of Kuluku of 270 BC Investigations You can find This in my Google+ :- Radhasapthami Surya. Everybody knows. E)Mylavarapu Surya Narayana brought diamond Dump from Srisailam,AP State along with days old age of Mylavarapu Samba Siva Murthy. You can find This in my Google+:- Radhasapthami Surya. Everybody knows. Another around 20 small dumps Investigations at some X-places of India. But I never went to Kerala State up to this time. Even not visited as a tourist, MYLAVARAPU VENKATA NARAYANA, (WORLD IInd RANK SPY AGENT BETWEEN 1991TO2000 END) EX-NUCLEAR ENGINEER& EX-SPY AGENT, Metaphysicist, Astrologer etc, EX-MUDDLOGGING ENGINEER,EX- GEOLOGIST ETC, Address DOOR NO 80-16-23/3, SRINIVASA NAGAR, RAJAHMUNDRY-533103,AP STATE, INDIA, Contact CELL :- +91 8801102269 Email :- Facebook :- venkatanarayana Mylavarapu Google+ :- Radhasapthami Surya

download (2).jpg

Bihar on alert as landslide in Nepal threatens Kosi deluge, massive evacuation on – The Times of India


6 most shocking celebrity insurance policies
Here are some bizzare things they have insured!

David Roth.jpg

Red Zardosi work Dry fruit pouch with Rakhi – IndianTyohar

Rakhi Hampers to IndiaRed Zardosi work Dry fruit pouch with Rakhi Premium Rakhi Silk Zardosi work pouch with Dry fruits To celebrate the spirit of Rakhi the well decorated pouch comes with 50 gms each of fine

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